"Be the change you wish to see in the world."

- Mahatma Gandi -

Our vision? To make the world a wonderful place! Sounds a bit exaggerated? We don't think so!

We can't change all the ills, but we want to do as much good as possible with our actions.

We think that reforestation is one of the most effective measures that individuals can support in order to make the greatest possible difference. (read more 100 trees). But we do not rest on our trees. We want to bring about a win-win for nature & people in all our actions.

The shipping of the wine bottles? This is done by the Domino Foundation in Hausen AG. People who have an adapted job due to an impairment reliably pack our wine bottles and make sure that you receive them on time.

The packaging? The shipping boxes are from sustainable sources.

For the sake of the environment, we do not have a delivery note.

The homepage? Runs on Swiss green electricity.

The wine label? Made from FSC paper and from a printing company that runs on 100% green electricity.

Nobody can do everything perfectly. Not even we. But it is our deepest conviction that we only want to work with partners who see their employees as human beings and treat them with respect. And nature as the most valuable thing of all. Full stop.

A hardworking Domino Foundation employee at work.

Goals that are already being implemented:

Expand our range of organic wines and other products, let us surprise you ;-)

Focus on small and medium-sized enterprises and cultivate collaborative partnerships.

Plant 100'000 trees!

A homepage without cookies is like a world without trees, it just doesn't work...
Yes to cookies and more trees :-)