What is it about these trees?

For every bottle of Souls Paradise wine sold, the cost-effective tree-planting organization Eden Reforestation Projects plants 100 trees in Nepal, Madagascar, Haiti, Indonesia, Mozambique, Kenya, Honduras and Nigaragua.

The trees are planted exclusively by the local population, our local partner employs people who live in poverty and who thus have a job and a secure income so that they can feed their families. Per bottle of Souls Paradise wine so many working hours are generated that a family of six can feed themselves for 3 days. In the following picture gallery you can see how the planting of mangroves is done.

Through reforestation, complete forests are created again and the negative effects of deforestation begin to disappear. Our partner organization not only plants the trees, it is also committed to ensuring that the plants are preserved.

The trees contribute to the recovery of the ecosystem. The water table rises, water sources provide more and purer water, the soil becomes fertile again, and animals return to their habitat. Trees also stabilize the soil, significantly reducing the frequency of landslides. Often, mangrove forests are reforested, which play an enormously important role for the oceans. Whether as a habitat for a variety of animals or as a safe place for fish to reproduce.

Trees also have a huge impact on the climate! They store very large amounts of CO2, provide clean air and regulate the weather.

It is important to us from Souls Paradise that we communicate transparently, so we will publish the evidence of the trees planted on our homepage. So you can see exactly what we are effectively doing! Click here for the proofs!

Ein Stück Land vor und nach der Aufforstung. Vorher hat es keine Bäume und nachher ist das Stück Land voll mit Bäumen.

An impressive before/after picture of a tree reforestation by Eden Reforestation Projects.

In this inspiring video, you'll see what planting trees does.

We are an official partner of "Eden Reforestation Projects", one of the largest tree planting organizations which realizes the reforestation of trees in Africa, Asia and Central America for us as well as for other well-known companies (mymuesli, Garnier etc.).

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