Souls Paradise Gift Set

Souls Paradise Geschenkset mit Baumwein, Zertifikat und Seedballs im Fair Trade Bio Baumwollbeutel.

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The original Souls Paradise gift set includes:

1 bottle of Souls Paradise tree wine with which 100 trees are planted

1 beautiful mangrove forest gift box

3 Seedballs

1 Instructions for the seedballs

1 Fairtrade organic cotton bag

1 tree certificate

In the following section you will learn more about the individual components of the Souls Paradise gift set.


Seedballs are small balls of clay, soil and seeds. They are placed halfway into the soil in a sunny spot. If the seedballs get a little water/rain in the beginning, they will sprout beautiful flowers.

The purpose of the Seedballs is to make the plant world in our cities and gardens more colorful. The uniform greenery in many places means ecological wasteland for bees, bumblebees and butterflies. Our Souls Paradise Seedballs are made of a particularly bee-friendly seed mixture and thus make a valuable contribution to creating a rich biodiversity.

Souls Paradise Seedballs aus torffreier Erde und einer bienenfreundlichen Blumenmischung.

Within the short period of only three decades, humans have decimated insect populations by up to 75% in various areas.

Our Seedballs (recycled paper instructions included) are made by people with disabilities. They are made of peat-free soil and the following bee-friendly flowers:

Dyer's chamomile, Bellflower, Carthusian carnation, Viper's violet, Meadow daisy, Horned clover, Musk mallow, Marsh forget-me-not, Oregano, Meadow sage.

Sinn und Zweck der Souls Paradise Seedballs ist es, dass die Pflanzenwelt in unseren Städten und Gärten bunter wird. Das Einheitsgrün vielerorts bedeutet für Bienen, Hummeln und Schmetterlinge ökologisches Ödland.

Gift box

Our gift box in beautiful mangrove tree design is made of recycled cardboard. With extra strong & colorful print.

Fair Trade organic cotton bag

The seedballs are packed in a practical cotton bag. This can be used later, for example, as a lavender bag or for jewelry storage. Fairly produced and made from 100% organic cotton. Organic cotton uses 91% less water in production and no harmful chemicals are used.

Tree certificate

The tree certificate is made of 100% recycled paper (cream white). This is certified & stamped when shipped, it confirms 100 trees are planted.

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