Frequently asked questions

We have listed an overview of frequently asked questions here. If your questions still not are answered, please feel free to contact us via the contact form.

How do I know that the trees are really planted?

Souls Paradise is committed to full transparency! We are an official partner of "Eden Reforestation Projects" and have a contractually regulated cooperation. We are obliged to transparently report our sales to "Eden Reforestation Projects" on a monthly basis.

Is Eden Reforestation Projects reputable?

Eden Reforestation Projects is a certified non-profit organization under US law 501c3. More on the homepage of Eden Reforestation Projects.

Why can you give partial discount?

We can give a discount if an order can be processed more efficiently. Whether we prepare a shipping box for a single bottle, print out a label, pay postage, drive to the post office, etc. or for 6 bottles, is comparable in terms of effort. We can therefore guarantee that exactly as many trees will be planted per bottle, even if you receive a discount.

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