Our logistics partner - the Domino Foundation

Since we want to do as much good as possible with our heart project, we have chosen the Domino Foundation as our logistics partner.

They reliably pack and ship our Souls Paradise wine, so that nothing stands in the way of your sustainable gift ;-)

The Domino Foundation is committed to enabling people with an impairment to enjoy a better quality of life and social integration.

People have expectations of their lives: they want a task that structures their everyday life and makes it meaningful. They want attention and security in familiar surroundings. And they want leisure activities that suit them.

The Domino Foundation offers people with disabilities the support they need to achieve these goals: with sheltered jobs and employment, with training and housing options that take account of the disability, and with care that promotes individual abilities in the best possible way.

The diverse range of services goes from mechanics to gastronomy.

More about domino

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