Plant 100 trees with one Souls Paradise wine!

Plant 100 trees today and get your tree planting certificate & our delicious Souls Paradise wine delivered to your door for free within 3 days. Perfect also as a gift!

Souls Paradise is a Swiss brand located in Bern.

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An act for eternity

A Souls Paradise wine is the perfect combination between transience & sustainability. The wine is quickly drunk once, but the trees will always continue to grow. And while they grow vigorously in height, they already create many young trees again.

Immortalize yourself today with a good deed in this world!

With tree planting guarantee

If you buy a Souls Paradise wine, you can be sure that 100 trees will be planted.

We can guarantee this because we are an official partner of Eden Reforestation Projects, one of the largest tree planting organizations in the world.

Many other well-known companies (Garnier, mymuesli, etc.) are working successfully with Eden Reforestation Projects for years.

Learn more about us or

directly to the proofs (tree planting guarantee!)

Immediate effect

When you give yourself or someone else a Souls Paradise wine, you are doing something really great right now. The trees may take a while to become visible, but the local people will already appreciate your support..

"Eden Reforestation Projects" exclusively engages local people on fair working conditions.

100 trees?!

The locals collect seeds and lovingly grow them into seedlings. In this way, many trees can be planted with simple means.

Thanks to this principle, you can plant the impressive number of 100 trees with one bottle of Souls Paradise wine!

Learn more about the tree planting organization

Want to give something meaningful? Do something really great now!

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An employee of Eden Reforestation Projects proudly shows the seedlings he is about to plant.

The picture was taken in Nepal.

Souls Paradise wine - the perfect gift idea for birthdays, weddings, graduations etc.

Now finally give something meaningful and sustainable and thus give something back to nature.

Perfect also as a customer gift. Show that your company cares about sustainability.

Whether at a business aperitif, as a Christmas gift, for an anniversary, etc.

You want to improve your environmental balance? Enjoy a bottle of wine with friends or your

favorite person and plant 100 trees!

Impressive numbers:

5.3 Trees per sip

So many trees are planted when you take a sip of our delicious Souls Paradise wine.

1-2 Tons of co2

This is how much CO2 100 trees bind in one year.

1 ton CO2

This is how much CO2 is released per person on a flight from Zurich to Fuerteventura and back.

5000 km by car

This route causes about one ton of CO2.

3 days of food for a family of six

The trees are planted by local people in Nepal, Madagascar, Haiti, Indonesia, Mozambique, Kenya and Central America. The people have a fair and reliable income thanks to the tree planting project.

150 - 500 % more trees after approx. 3 - 5 years

In Madagascar, Indonesia and Mozambique, 80 out of 100 mangrove trees survive. Since these form baby mangrove trees themselves from the age of 3, the effect can increase fivefold after 5 years.

Fertile soil

Probably one of the most important factors for the local population. The reforestation of the forests also makes the soil fertile again.

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Plant 100 trees now, get a tree planting certificate and get Souls Paradise wine delivered for free.

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