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100 trees for a better world

For every bottle of Souls Paradise Tree Wine we plant 100 trees!

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Plant 100 trees with our tree wines

e.g. our BIO white wine directly from Tuscany. BIO. Vegan. Premium quality.

We deliver our tree wines free of charge to your home.

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98% of the forest of Haiti has disappeared!

and this is only one of many countries with a dramatic situation.


Find out how many trees we have already planted together with "Eden Reforestation Projects"!

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Sustainable gift with great effect!

A birthday or a wedding is approaching and you don't have a gift yet? You want to give something meaningful and sustainable? Are you also concerned about the destruction of nature & the disappearance of biodiversity in the animal world?

We have the perfect solution for you: plant 100 trees with Souls Paradise and give away the tree certificate & the delicious Souls Paradise tree wine.

Ordered until 10:00 a.m. on weekdays, the tree wine incl. tree certificate will be delivered to your home the next business day.

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Want to be part of our vision, plant trees & make the world a better place?

Sara & Mike von Souls Paradise

Who is behind Souls Paradise? Sara & Mike from Bern.

We love nature and want it to be preserved.

We are both passionate about discovering the world. Among other things, we have seen PET bottles flowing in streams instead of water, beaches full of garbage and baby sharks being fished out of the sea day after day.

Such sights make us very sad and thoughtful, how could it come so far? A strong need developed in us to do something about it.

In the middle of December 2020 we realized our dream and started to plant trees with Souls Paradise. In the meantime, we have already planted over 15,000 trees with people who support our vision. It is an unbelievable feeling how together we can make the world a better place bit by bit.

Together we can change the world, do you want to be a part of it?

give sustainably now

100 trees bind approx. 1 - 2 tons of CO2 in 1 year

This corresponds to about 5000 km of driving or a flight from Zurich to Fuerteventura and back per person.

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